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(Svaneti, load. სვანეთი) — historical mountain area in the northwest of Georgia.
Territorially and historically Svanetiya shares on Upper and Lower, divided by the Svanetsky spine.

    Upper Svaneti (load. ზემო სვანეთი Zemo-Svaneti) — the mountain valley in river Inguri headwaters, is located between 42 °48' and 43 °15' sowing. latitudes and between 42 °00' and 43 °00' ����. longitudes also occupies the space of 3154 km ².

From the North and the East the Upper Svaneti Greater Caucasus Range with Shkhar's peaks, Ushba borders, Tetnuldi, etc. on which there passes boundary of Georgia with Russia (Kabardino-Balkaria). From the South the Svanetsky spine which adjoins directly Greater Caucasus Range rises and shorts the Upper Svaneti from the East.

                                           Mountains in Svaneti

              Shahara peak                                             Tetnuldi


From the West the region is separated by a spine Hurum from the Kodorsky gorge.

The Upper Svaneti is known for the architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes. The inhabited towers built mainly in the IX—XII centuries are selected. Also ancient stone orthodox churches remained.

The Upper Svaneti was included in the object list of the World heritage of UNESCO.
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