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Gori (freight.   გორი) — the city in east Georgia, the center of edge of Sheed Kartli and the center of the municipality of the same name.   It is based by David Stroitel. 

    Burn is one of the oldest cities of Georgia. The official status of the city Burn received in 1801. The name prevails the city from rocky education (Гори) in the downtown on which ancient Goris-tsikhe's remains are located.

    Burn for the first time it is mentioned in chronicles from VII century AD though some sources connect the city basis with David IV Stroitel's reign at the beginning of the XII century. Archaeological materials specify that on a place Burn there were settlements of city type long before the beginning of our era, since an early bronze age (about 3 thousand years B.C.). The ceramic ware typical for Chicken Araksky culture was found. 


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