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Improving resort of Borjomi

In 15 kilometers from Bakuriani to be the well-known
the Mineralnye medicinal waters of Borjomi.

Welcome to Bakuriani!

Bakuriani's town is one of the best Georgian resorts.

Why? First, Bakuriani is a solar resort, after all the quantity of sunny days here makes over 210 days in a year. Secondly, in a place where to be the resort, in a year less than 800 millimeters of a precipitation drop out. Therefore, local summer - a little cool (on the average to 15 ° Celsius), and winter, rather warm (to - 7 ° Celsius). Thirdly, Bakuriani's resort is located at the height over 1700 meters above sea level, on a picturesque northern slope of Trialetsky ridge, nearby to be Borjomi.

Besides all other advantages of this remarkable resort, Bakuriani also is the best mountain-skiing resorts in Georgia. Bakuriani's resort is perfectly equipped for those who likes to sweep on skis in the winter - numerous elevators, rolling shops, some good hotels and many other things. And what here beautiful nature! In our opinion, here it is necessary to arrive surely to look at this beauty. The majestic mountains which have been filled up with snow-white snow, numerous green fir-trees and the pines which have united in the huge woods, glades. Not to describe beauty of the resort of Bakuriani words!

Besides, this resort, it is possible to tell, has "an advantageous geographical position" on the relation to many large settlements and the airports of Georgia. So, for example, from the largest airport of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi to Bakuriani's resort, distance in 190 kilometers which can be overcome in a couple of hours on the car.

Bakuriani: useful information for tourists

It is known that Bakuriani's resort is a ski resort. Descents on skis here are carried out on the routes "Kokhta-1" and "Kokhta-2" bred on the mountain of the same name. Actually, these two big routes also form Bakuriani's resort. Dvukhstupenchataya Route "Kokhta-1" is equipped with the big chair lift (will stretch on 3 kilometers) and a ski lift. Extent of the route makes about one and a half kilometers. Also there is the cool recession which is in the beginning of descent of "Kokhty-1". Height of this recession exceeds 600 meters. The route "Kokhta-2", is intended for more skilled skiers." Kokhta-2" is a difficult skiing run, over 3 kilometers long. Route start - Kokht's mountain, the finish - Didi Mitarbi's village. Besides the big chair lift, there is also long tow for skis (����������), a little small ������������ and one kreselny road conducting to a springboard. For those who isn't able to ski yet, the resort offers some educational, simple routes, for example, to "Plateau".

But, Bakuriani's resort is interesting to tourists not only that here it is possible to go skiing well or a snowboard. Those places where this resort conveniently settled down, are very beautiful and interesting to any tourist. Bakuriani is on the crossing of the ridge of Lesser Caucasus and various natural zones with fine flora and fauna. The tourists who have arrived on this resort, besides skiing, can make also simple one-day campaigns on local natural beauty - mountains, gorges, caves, mountain lakes and springs, etc. So, for example, the resort offers an ascension on mountains to Kokht which height makes 2155 meters, and Sekvelomta, Tskhratskaro's pass (height over 2700 subway), visit of the mountain lake of Tabatskuri shaking on beauty, Timotesubani's most ancient monastic complex (the XI century) which, generally to be in caves, springs of Mitarbi, Tsikhisdzhvari and many other things.

One of the most beautiful and most interesting places in the resort is a gorge of Borjomi. Near this gorge there is a picturesque village of the Dub in which there is the small ancient chapel constructed directly in a cave (by the way, Christian constructions in caves here - not such an unusual occurrence). Right there it is possible to see one of the oldest trees in the world - the Georgian yew which age exceeds 2000. Near Borjomi to be and other gorge - Tsagveri, also as well as Borjomi, rich with healing waters.

Those tourists who prefer extreme rest, can go from Bakuriani's resort to one of the most beautiful places - Bakurianis-tskali's gorge with his fine crystal breeds which height sometimes reaches several tens meters.

In the gorge of Borjomi it is possible to be engaged also in a paraplane, a dzhipping, rafting and many other extreme types of rest. Fans of fishing can fish in numerous mountain lakes in which to be found a trout, and in large numbers!